Paintings with Owners

Mark's Waterfall Outside the Shop Down at the Mill, Stoughton: Oil on Canvas 8"h x 10"w. Private collection Mark Podgurski.

Rain on the Rhein Basel, Switzerland: Oil on Canvas 100cm h x 100cm w. Private Collection Manuela Schmid.

My Salmon Spirit Gratitude Sekiu, Washington: Oil on Canvas 18"w x 14"h. Private collection.

Mayapple Barn, Stoughton: Oil on Canvas 27h x 27w. Private collection of Aisha Schmid.

Gas Works Park Crows, Seattle: Oil on Canvas 16"h x 20"w. Private collection.

Basel, Switzerland: Oil on Canvas 30cm h x 80 cm w. Allied International collection.

La Push, Washington: Acrylic on Masonite. 10"h x 12"w. Private collection.

La Push, Washington: Acrylic on canvas. 24"h x 24"w. Private collection.

World's End, Hingham: Oil on canvas 16"h x 16"w. Private collection of Susanne Froebe.

Lena sleeping in the kitchen chair, Cohasset: Oil on Canvas. 14"w x 18"h. Private collection.

Chesil Beach, Portland UK: Oil on canvas 8"h x 10"w. Private collection Paul Thomas.

Rock stack, Cohasset: Oil on canvas, 18"h x 14"w. Private collection of Jessica Baer.

Georgie in a leaf, with dainty paws, Basel: Oil on Canvas 8"h x 8"w. Private collection.

Rocks, Rocky Beach Cohasset: Oil on Canvas 40"w x 30"h. Private collection.

Leaves, Basel: Tempura on canvas. 8"w x 8"h. Allied International.

Portland, England: Watercolor on Paper 8"h x 16"w. Private collection Joan Thomas.

Chesil Beach from Priory Corner, Portland England: Watercolor on Paper 8"w x 10"h. Private collection.

The Barn in Cohasset: Original Oil Painting.

19 3/4"w x 19 3/4"d x 1 1/2"d

This barn was built by the fellow who lived here before us. On the upper floor there is a large open room with windows along one whole side that looks back into the woods. There’s a little wood stove up there and on snowy cold days, my husband will go out and start a fire to get the room warmer so I can use it for my studio, I paint and do my glass earring making up there. While I was living in Switzerland for almost three years I painted this image of the barn because I missed it and it reminded me of home and what I saw when I was out in the yard on glorious snow days.
Private collection of Mike Cisneros

When Only the Moon is in Marketplatz, Basel: Original Oil Painting.

19 1/2" h x 19 1/2"w x 1 1/2"d

I spent almost three years living in Basel, Switzerland with my husband and two cats. It was a beautiful city, we lived just up the street from the art encrusted red stone city hall, called the Basel Rathaus. The Rathaus was located in Marketplatz or “Market Place” which was a center of activity. By day it was packed with little booths of food, farmers, handmade goods, tourist, city folks, workers, protesters, and the patchwork cobblestone pattern was hidden beneath feet, vegetables, baskets, tables. This is during the dreamy part of the night, so late no one is out wandering around, no accordian players, no trams, no one except the moon

Private collection of Manuela Schmid

Looking up at the clouds: Original Oil Painting.

18"w x 14"h x 3/4"d

This is what I get when I remember to look up. This happened to be while I was out during one of my breaks in the Derby Street Shoppes parking lot, not a romantic place, but what the sky gives me there, from time to time, is rewarding, if I just remember to look up and appreciate.

Private collection of Manuela Schmid.

Oaks at World’s End, Hingham: Original Oil Painting.

24"w x 18"h x 1 3/16"d

I was out for a walk in the fall at World’s End Park in Hingham, MA. These bare oaks were at the top of Pine Hill just at the left bordering the field. In the distance is Hingham Harbor, and the shoreline up towards Boston. I like how these giant deciduous dwarf the evergreens in the distance. This is one of my favorite views in this park. I recently went back, and one of these giant trees is down, I’m glad I had a chance to capture them all together linked in a line.

Private collection of Collette Picard