Jocelyn Dana Thomas


I grew up in northern most part of Maine. I have a love of outdoors and nature. I left my wonderful home state to roam with friends to Wyoming, and then on to California, and Washington states, and eventually found a home in Cohasset MA. We had an opportunity to live in Basel Switzerland 2010-2013. I still feel a piece of me is still tied to each place, so I have documented my time in these places through painting in other forms of art, and learned new art forms along the way. I have cultivated crocheting, fusing glass, stacking rocks and making wind sculpture.

I usually explain my art as a journal of my journey, an entry as to where I am experimenting at the moment, and sometimes to capture my feelings, celebrations, sense of humor, and the places and people and things I love, and the reflection on things I miss.

This is a glimpse.


  • Painting
  • Glass Fusing